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Yachtscout - What can I do for you?


Purchase advice


Tell me what - what do you wish for? Here I assume that often not only a single buyer wants to find his ship, but also a couple or a family fulfills a wish. Often, however, not all ideas and expectations of the common ship have been expressed between each other. Sometimes it makes sense to formulate the wishes for the new ship together again.

Often the ideas and expectations of your own boat are still unclear or are in the development phase. Sometimes you have already fallen in love with a certain type of boat, often without carefully checking whether it is really ideal for the intended use or for the desired area. Here you often get further if you discuss your ideas with someone who knows the most diverse types of boats and yachts.

Often the search for the best offer for the intended budget is too focused on getting the most out of it. But the bigger boat at a “good price” is not always the best choice. It is not uncommon for the somewhat smaller, younger or better-maintained yacht to be the better alternative to the supposed bargain. Because a boat or yacht regularly represents a larger investment, you should also take a look at maintenance costs, possible maintenance backlogs and, for later, potential resale value.


Yacht search:


When a general direction with regard to the type of boat has been determined, the search begins. I would be happy to put together a pre-selection of boats / yachts to be considered and discuss with you the individual aspects with regard to suitability, advantages and disadvantages and support you in the selection of the viewing candidates.


You are also very welcome here, even if you have already made a preselection!


It always starts with the desire to spend time on the water in private or with friends. Perhaps the dream of an extended trip or the idea of ​​inviting special business friends to take the business relationship to a new, more personal level.

Perhaps you have already toyed with the idea of ​​chartering out your new yacht. Or you might not even consider leaving your own personal refuge on the water to strangers.


Whether it's a quick excursion to the next port or the next bathing bay, the multi-month round trip around the Mediterranean Sea or the circumnavigation, the desire to discover countries from a completely new perspective or to travel through Europe's rivers and canals - there is never a single boat that is suitable for all purposes is equally perfect.

What is important to the partner? Couples do not always have the same ideas about the future use of the boat. Therefore, questions such as the type of boat, equipment or the spatial conditions on board as well as the style should be discussed together.

Therefore, at the beginning of a systematic yacht search there is always the joint creation of a specification, the definition of goals, wishes, requirements and considerations regarding the size and type of ship.
To a certain extent, this results in further aspects to be clarified, such as price and ongoing maintenance costs.


My prices for buying advice:

An initial consultation with advice and a possible check of your previous preselection is basically free of charge !

  • Meeting to jointly develop requirements and wishes (online or at your premises), time approx. 2 hours

  • Selection and online pre-examination of up to 5 further proposals according to your preferences


  • Inspection accompaniment or preliminary inspection on your behalf with photo documentation



€ 120




50, - €




200, - € daily rate plus Travel expenses

(Price including arrival time)











If I work for you as a yacht scout, further telephone consultations and online meetings are of course included.

If you buy from another broker, my fee as buyer's agent is usually covered by a commission sharing with the selling broker.

The costs that you have accrued up to this point in time will be offset against the commission portion and credited / reimbursed, apart from any expert work.

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